Spyshelter Premium Review/Giveaway

Spyshelter has been one of the top performers in the security industry. They have positioned themselves at the top of a niche market in anti keyloggers. The other major competitor is Zemana Antilogger and when put side by side Spyshelter always comes out on top.

The last time I worked with Spyshelter doing reviews they didnt offer a Firewall option. They are making strides in the right direction to maintain that market dominance.

First thing is first. What hardware/software does Spyshelter Premium run on. It wont do you much good if its not compatible with your system.

System Requirements

Windows Operating Systems

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • All 32 and 64 bit flavors

RAM, CPU, and HD space requirements are not listed. However, I am currently testing Spyshelter in a Windows 8.1 x64 Pro Virtual Machine with 2Gbs of RAM and 1 core of an i7 2.4Ghz CPU with 60Gb of HD space. My virtual machine has all Windows updates installed. No bloatware or additional applications installed except for Spyshelter Premium. I am sitting at 9% CPU usage and .5Gb of Memory usage.

Spyshelter has 2 background processes running. One is Spyshelter GUI sitting at 1.5Mb of memory in use and the Spyshelter Service (SpyShelterSrv) sitting at .2Mb of usage. So it is a very light application that should run on almost any PC as long as its XP or newer.

Differences In Versions

As I hinted at previously SpyShelter has been adding some newer features, notably the firewall. The key differences are below. Notice the footnotes on the free version. I have those listed below as well.


  • Keystroke Encryption in SpyShelter Free Anti-Keylogger works only with popular browsers and it’s configuration options are limited.
  • Keystroke Encryption in SpyShelter Premium and SpyShelter Firewall supports all applications and is fully configurable.
  • System Protection module is monitoring less actions than in SpyShelter Premium and SpyShelter Firewall.
  • Anti Kernel Mode Keylogger module disabled.
  • Screen Protection module disabled
  • Anti Sound Logger module disabled
  • Anti WebCam Logger module disabled
  • Internet Security module disabled
  • User Defined Protected Files list is unavailable
  • User Defined Trusted Signers list is unavailable
  • Terminate option in alert window is unavailable
  • Sandbox Mode is unavailable for SpyShelter Free Anti-Keylogger users.
  • We do not guarantee Technical Support for Free version.
  • Only 1 Graphic User Interface skin available in Free version.
  • In Free version it is impossible to turn off monitoring single actions.


Getting your hands on a SpyShelter trial and installation is a breeze. You can download a trial directly from Spyshelter. No registration or user account required. The trail will be 14 days.

The installation is basically next, next, next, finished and doesnt require alot to get going. You will be required to reboot in order to gain access to some of the system hooks that the Spyshelter driver provides. This is crucial for the anti keylogging capabilities.


After rebooting the system you can start to tinker with the Spyshelter interface and options. Upon opening the application for the first time you will see a very clean interface with a Metro style theme to it and an over view of which modules are activated.The theme layout is similar to almost every other program out there with a text based, tab style menu at the top.

Spyshelter Main

The first thing I did was launch the GUI from the system tray and went to the settings. Program Autostart is enabled, but launching the program from a service is not enabled by default. I enabled the service to ensure the application starts with the system right away rather than waiting until the operating system is fully loaded. During installation I selected high security instead of medium and you can see that on the security tab. Everything else was left as is.

Settings SecuritySettings AdvancedSettings MonitoredSettings


My testing methodology will consist of me doing basic every day tasks and seeing what notifications I get. I will also test some of the keylogging features against some of the more common tests.

Upon opening Internet Explorer for the first time I was greeted with a nice Spyshelter popup asking for Allow, Deny or Terminate. The pop up is one of the most logically laid out and helpful popups I have seen in general.

Not only does it tell you exactly what component the pop up is in reference to, but it gives you parent processes, location on HD, what its trying to do, and your choices. If you are unsure what the application is or the location looks suspicious you have the option to scan with file with VirusTotal.


As you start approving and denying applications, everything is logged. In the log window view you have the option to right click and erase the log or view in Notepad as a text document.


For my main testing I downloaded Anti-KeyLogger Tester (AKLT v3.0). It has since been discontinued but one of the best tools for testing Keylogging capabilities.

For every test type of AKLT I clicked on the test type and was immediately prompted by SpyShelter to either allow or deny the application. I denied all of the prompts. After all what good is a keylogger if you allow everything?

In the screenshot below you can see that AKLT intercepted keystrokes. This means that it recongized keys were pressed. However, under the captured keys window you will see that it could not decipher what keys were actually pressed. This is great news. It means SpyShelter is doing its job for the GetKeyState test.


The second test is the GetAsyncKeyState. This is a less error prone version of the test for GetKeyState. SpyShelter is still doing its job.

ASyncTestI went through the ATKL battery of tests and all of them failed to produce any results.

Just for fun I wanted to see what SpyShelter would do even if I allowed the LowLevelHook test. ATKL registered keys, but not the right ones. I entered Testing, enter, enter, Test. Results below.


Another common test is the screenshot test. ATKL offers 2 versions. The first version uses print screen and the second version uses API’s. For screenshot test 1 (print screen version), denying the prompt in SpyShelter results in a plain white screenshot being taken rather than displaying what is on the screen. Denying the prompt in Spyshelter for screenshot test 2 results in a plain black screenshot being taken.

Giveaway Details

The real reason you read this article was because you want to win a free license.

I have partnered with Spyshelter to giveaway 3x 1 year SpyShelter Premium licenses. SpyShelter will need your full name (first and last) and email address to send the license to. Please make sure that your name and email are accurate in your Tys Tech Talk profile located at: http://www.tystechtalk.com/wp-admin/profile.php SpyShelter will be emailing the winners their license keys.

The giveaway will end November 14th, 2015 at 12AM EST.

Only 1 entry per person. I will announce the winners via email.

How to Enter the Giveaway

  1. Have a valid Tys Tech talk account
  2. Comment on this post that you would like to be entered.
  3. Option: Share this giveaway with your friends using the share options below.


spyshelter Winners


  1. Nice article, but would like to point out that it should be “Notably the firewall” not “Notable”. As for the software itself, I tried the free version and I would love to include it to secure my system, but the free version only suports popular browsers, where else I love to use a variant of Firefox called Cyberfox to browse the internet. I would like to be entered and be able to try out the Premium version as that will be able to protect me fully. Thanks!

  2. This is a great program protecting our system, I use the free version but I prefer to have complete versions because it has more features and full protection.

    I would love to have the FULL version of this. I just started using the FREE version a few weeks ago. I have nothing but good things to say about Spy Shelter. I have used an alternate paid and free antilogger and feel more confident with this installed!

  4. I used Zemna Antilogger during a free 14 day trial and it was by far the best program of its kind. I have also heard that this is the best within the market through word of mouth so having access to the full program would be a great privilege.

  5. sensational program
    I would like to have these miracle

  6. I’d love to win this for my sister 😛 haha
    She has been taping her webcam over and over and uses copy/paste and a virtual keyboard everytime to enter all her passwords xD
    She’d be happy with this XD

  7. I would love to win.
    It allows control over the number of alerts for suspicious activity. It offers a wide range of protection modules against logging activity.

  8. I use the free version spyshelter works only with popular browsers and it’s configuration options are limited.

  9. Great giveaway, count me in, please:
    Best regards!

  10. I like all the Spyshelter Premium features. I really want to win

  11. I do like to participate, too. I tried the trial version and i was impressed.

  12. My license of Zemana Antilogger will expire in 10 days and I would like to try Spyshelter Premium , so count me in too. Thanks!

  13. This is a great program protecting our system, I use the free version but I prefer to have complete versions because it has more features and full protection.I do like to participate, too. I tried the trial version and i was impressed.

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