Paladins Beta Code Giveaway

Hirez is a game development company primarily known for their game, Smite. They have grown the competitive Smite scene and are starting a new game.

Paladins is currently in close beta and requires an invite which is why you are here.

Paladins is a FPS meets RPG style game where you battle in an arena and have to complete objectives. As your character goes up in levels, you select from 3 random cards that grant special abilities and buffs. When you die those cards go on cool down similar to using an ability in a MOBA. Its also similar to a MOBA or FPS because each character fits into a class. You have your assassins, tanks, ADC’s and Bruisers. With a solid team comp you can finish the objectives and win the game.

To read more about the game and to download it visit Hirez’s website at:


I have 3 beta codes to give away for Paladins. All it requires is a message on this post by December 5th, 2015. On December 5th I will select 3 random posters and send their invites.


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One of the winners already had an email address in the Paladins system. In this case I moved on to the next in line.



  1. Thanks for giveaway

  2. You rang, I answered the call

  3. Thank you for the chance

  4. Thank you for the opportunity!

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