Brainwavz Hooka and Hengja Review

Company Name: Brainwavz

Company Website:

Warranty:  2 Year

Pros: Well built and made of a sturdy material, 3M tape is strong on the back of the Hooka. The Hengja can be moved around as needed and comes with the provided tool to do so.

Cons: 1 time use for the Hooka, make sure you stick it where you want it. On the Hengja the round mounting pad on the top of the screw that holds it to the bottom of a desk could be thinner or the hook could be wider allowing for a larger range of mounting options on desks. It fits on my desk at work, but is to small for my desk at home.

Rating Definitions

  • Design:How well a set of headphones or accessories are designed. This includes cables, reinforcement points, jacks, and materials used.
  • Value:Performance to cost ratio. If performance exceeds cost this value will be high. If performance is on the low end for the cost the value will be low. This will be subjective based on audio quality. Everyone hears different things.
  • Overall Rating: This is the average

Rating scale Breakdown (1-10)

1-2: Very Bad

3-4: Bad

5: Not Bad/Not Good/ Neutral

6-7: Good

8-9: Very Good

10: Excellent

Design: 9

Value: 10

Overall Rating:  9.5


  • Hooka
  • Hengja
  • Double sided Allen/Philips screw driver for adjusting the Hengja

Build Quality

Both hangers are very well made (Die Cast Aluminum), high quality allen head screws, nice powder coating and Brainwavz used a very good double sided tape on the Hooka. In previous reviews of the Krudul hangers, my biggest pet peeve was that by using 3m tape as a mounting solution you cannot re-position or reuse them. I urged Brainwavz to come up with a replacement tape system so these can be reused in the future and they did that with the Hooka. While the Hooka does incorporate a method to reuse and remount them as needed, I found that the round top plate on the screw was too thick. If it was 1/8″ of an inch thinner it would mount to every desk I have available to test on. Now I know its unreasonable to expect it to work on every desk possible, its also impossible for Brainwavz to test it on every desk. However, it would be possible to engineer a sliding mechanism into the top and bottom plates of the mount on the Hengja so that they could expand up to 1/4 or 1/2 inch open or closed to fit 99% of use cases.


Overall Experience

As always Id like to thank Pandora for the review sample in exchange for an honest review. Overall a well built accessory with quality materials and finishes. I’m happy to see the innovation. Up next, a replacement 3M pad solution for the hangers with double sided tape. The Hengja can be had for $15 USD on Brainwavz site. The hooka will set you back $17.95

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