About Us

Hi there, Im a Network Engineer by day and a aspiring PC game streamer by night. Writing reviews for a website is just a passion of mine and this is where it will start…again!

I started a website in early 2011 called PC-Babble when I was in college as a side project to fill my time. The site originally started on Blogspot. As I started to get into more complicated classes I wanted my own domain. This forced me to learn how to use FTP, PHP, HTML, MySQL, and database management. In October of 2011 I switched from Blogspot to my own domain.

When PC-Babble was originally started at the new domain I was interested in a forum that specialized in anything IT related. After all IT is my field of study at the university so it just fit. Over time I gained an IT repair and web designing company as a vendor in the Oklahoma area. As time went on the forum slowed down and there was no activity. I decided to start the domain over again.

During the revamping of PC-Babble I took the best quality forum posts from the previous software and imported them into the new site layout.

In July of 2012 I asked for volunteer writers for the blog because I was swamped with school work, a real life job, and 2 kids and my wife. I didnt have time to write anything and I knew that as a site owner that lack of activity would lead to its demise. In order to get ideas for the blog and keep things rolling I implemented a requests tab that would allow any readers to request a specific topic or software giveaway they would like to see. I also asked around on various forums for volunteer authors and had some people sign up that wanted to take on the task.

After the team started to grow I have become a volunteer moderator at OpenDNS as a Domain Tagging moderator, built an e-Commerce website for a local business, and will also be finishing my Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems.

Since the start I have covered everything IT related from PC security, Android applications, software reviews, how-to articles, hardware, and PC software giveaways until one day I didnt have time to maintain the site any more. Eventually PC-Babble was shut down which leads us to now.

I have time again to start a new site. The old site I had built was acquired by a squatter and instead of paying thousands of dollars to get my old name back I am starting from scratch.

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